Celebrating Life and Raising Awareness One Person at a Time

Harlem World Cares addresses important social issues around the block and around the world. We run Harlem-based community projects to support local organizations combating AIDS, and raise awareness around issues related to climate change, Democracy and education.

NCAA Final Four Collage workshop with Danny Tisdale

The Project Initiative

Since 2010,w’eve have crated workshop, classes, Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment (HYPE) projects to over 300 Harlem AIDS Blanket patches and more from Harlem to Hollywood, from libraries to the Final Four. The Harlem World Cares Project donated glue, paper, magazines, mirrors, other art tools and in the very near future plan to roll out a tour of the project. Together we will have weekly volunteers to help maintain the project which will provide projects for the local community that the libraries serve.

Harlem, Our Target Community

We establish projects …

Undeserved residents

In partnership with others

In benefit of Harlem organizations

In 2001, 24% of youth age 12-17 used some form of technology and in 2005; the use of technology grew to 87%.

Lenhart et al. (2005)

The Harlem World Cares Project’s role?

Harlem World Cares role varies based on the project, and may include:

Funding for Materials

Designing A Layout

Organizing Community Members

Providing management tools


Get Involved!

Start A Project Near You

Interested in starting a project near you? Email us at harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com and tell us a little about your community!

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